Sunday, November 29, 2015

Learning and Change


‘Learning’ and ‘Change’ are two critical aspects of our lives. These two are interconnected. I attempted to write 20 quotes connecting ‘Learning’ and ‘Change’. Here are those 20 quotes.
1)      In every change there is an opportunity to learn!
2)      Those who resist to learn find it difficult to change.
3)      Learning combined with unlearning is a lifelong process that helps you manage change effectively!
4)      When a change is inevitable, learn some valuable lessons and move on!
5)      Those who fail to learn fail to change!
6)      Those who value change value learning as well!
7)      Changing without learning can make the results worse.
8)      Learning how to manage change can make our lives pleasant.
9)      Those who are smart, learn to embrace change! Others stagnate!
10)   Learning is quintessential if you want to manage change effectively!
11)   Sometimes you have to change the way you learn and learn the way you need to change!
12)   It is easier to learn how to change yourself than learning to change anyone else!
13)   He who expects others to change hasn’t learned enough!
14)   Every relationship evolves. Either it progresses or regresses, it teaches you wonderful lessons as long as you are ready to learn.
15)   The curiosity to learn from all possible sources is what can bring in positive changes in our lives.
16)   Machines are predictable and consistent. They are deprived of the abilities we have - the abilities to think, learn and change!
17)   You are never old enough to renounce learning or ignore change.
18)   Sometimes, all we need is to learn to change the way we think!
19)   Those who don’t learn from their past don’t see positive changes in their lives ever!
20)   Learning to change is a long interchange!   (“Learning to change” – anagram of “a long interchange”)
When you read these, you may like one or two among these twenty. Let me know what those are.