Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Are Your Hobbies?

What Are Your Hobbies?

What a familiar and simple question! We heard this first when we were children. Probably most of us wrote an essay on our hobbies when we were in fifth or sixth grade. That is not the end.

While making friends we are curious about hobbies and ask this question. This question figures in job interviews too. And some resumes do mention about hobbies.

Interesting Responses

So, what are your hobbies? I have asked this question to many people including students and working professionals. Here are some interesting ones.

    “Hm. Watching TV, Reading Newspaper”
                           - Mid-level employee of an IT organization

     “Hobbies? Browsing the Internet, hanging out with my friends”
                          – Someone with an under-graduate degree searching for a job

      “Going to movies, malls, and eating different kinds of food”
                          - Trainee in a large corporate

       “Listening to Music, and playing Cricket”
                        - Final year student of a mid-tier engineering college

       “Watching news channels, and Internet chat”
                       - Customer Relationship Manager of an international bank

        “Hobbies? I don’t have any! I am so busy that I forgot about it long ago.
         I think I need to find some.”
                      - Senior manager of a global services company

Hobby: How Do You Define It?

A hobby is something you do regularly during your spare time. A hobby is something that helps you recharge yourself and leads to some constructive or productive experience. It is more of creation and less of consumption. A hobby cannot lead to destructive or unproductive experience. It cannot result in bad habits.

More info:

Is It a Big Deal?

So, what? Do you think watching TV or browsing the Internet or chatting with friends are hobbies? You need to re-read the previous para to answer this question. Try to open up this discussion among your friends. I bet, someone will put you on spot and say, “It is my spare time and what I do during my spare time is my wish. So what is the big deal? I watch TV whenever I find free time! Or I browse. That is what I do!”

Here is a beautiful quote.

“Life is a Practice. You are What You Do Each Day.”

                                                             - Bryant McGill

Let me explain. What you think becomes your actions. Your actions or what you practice become your habits. And you are what you do every day!

Got a Genuine Answer?

Your answer to ‘What are your hobbies?’ tells what you are. It puts you in touch with the type of people you want to be with. It makes a positive impression when you seek admission to higher studies. It impacts your image at work. It tells whether you are an interesting person or not.

When I asked, “What are your hobbies?” to someone, she said, “Listening to Music and reading books.”

I smiled at her and asked, “What kind of music? What books did you read this year? Would you like to share?”

She took a step back, tried to cover up and said, “Hm…Not anything specific in music. I like everything. I haven’t read anything lately. Whenever I read, I read novels.”

She was not confident. Those were not her regular activities. Obviously, her answer was not genuine.

Instead of hearing something like this I would rather hear someone saying, “I have done several things but none of those are my hobbies – but I have decided to pursue reading as a hobby and I have started learning Salsa.”

Pursue One or Two Hobbies

It is not too late! Find hobbies that help you recharge your batteries, help you relax, make you feel positive, and boost your self-esteem. Refine your way of life. Improve the way you manage yourself.

Isn’t it something you can do right now? Or do you want to wait for a new year?

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year 2014!


  1. Raja, Thanks for the valuable insight. I agree with you. Hobby is something which would recharge you. Watching TV perhaps tires you more. Its perhaps a waste of time.

  2. Thanks Mukund, Yes. Aimless or mindless browsing (of TV channels) and attempting hard to find a program that can kill our time does not recharge us as long as there are better things to do! In that sense, 'watching TV' does not sound like a hobby!