Monday, November 24, 2008


I went to board the train
It was about to rain!
And while I climbed the slope
I saw a school boy lope!

I met few yelling women
Oh, not so nice an omen!
One was a heavy weight
In a giggly group of eight!

It was a noisy blast,
That should not even last!
Then when I took my seat
I bought some chips to eat!

The place was not so cold
But it seemed so dry and old!
With all these starts my travel!
Oh God! Let me ravel!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Traveler's Thoughts!

Traveler’s Thoughts!

Miles above, miles away,
I, a solitary traveler, see through your eyes
The enchanting views of Prairies
Resembling worldly things -
A butterfly on canvas, few snakes and pure white cotton candies!
Also a human face sketched by mountain ranges!
Imaginations fail to push your thoughts to the back of my mind.
A solitary traveler, I’ll return home soon!
Our thoughts are together!
I miss you, but not your thoughts!