Friday, February 6, 2015

Are You Enjoying The Ride?


We have seen this happening around us. Awful traffic conditions! On all working days, we go through bumper-to-bumper traffic.  When the weather is inclement it gets tougher.  Hundreds of automobiles queue-up! That is a tough situation. All drivers are not the same. Some are aggressive. When we see aggressive or rouge drivers we respond in several ways. And there are learners who become over cautious and nervous in tough driving conditions.  Isn’t it? I am sure you have seen drivers going crazy and honking, yelling, screaming.  You must have seen those ‘I-don’t-care’ types minding their business, fiddling with their smart phones, not caring about others.  There are those who are relaxed - they listen to some music or news, have a good conversation when they have someone with them, munch some goodies when needed and show empathy or consideration to people around them. They are never aggressive or stressed.  They don’t get distracted because of their conversations with fellow passengers or FM radio or CD player.  At frequent intervals they observe and understand what is going on around them.  They enjoy their ride whether the traffic is standstill or slow or fast. How do they do that? What can we learn from them?
From now on, ‘enjoying the ride’ is a metaphor. That is what this blog post is about.  So, are you enjoying the ride?
Let me be more specific.  At work, are you enjoying the ride?  If yes, what are the two or three activities that make you enjoy the ride?  Aren’t those activities the ones you love to do as frequently as possible if not daily?  Are those two or three activities turnout to be your energy boosters and enhance to your performance and reduce your stress levels?  Do those activities radiate positive energy in your team or among your colleagues? If you are aware enough to answer these questions, I am sure you are enjoying the ride.  Possibly you will include some additional activities as you move along and radiate positivity among your colleagues.  Your colleagues will feel extremely happy to be in your team and work along with you.
‘What? Two or three activities that make me enjoy the ride? Can you share some examples?’  This is what you would ask.  I am sure I am guessing it right.
"I’m enjoying the ride. Fighting in mixed martial arts to me is about having fun. I come from…doing hard labor and this for me is fun. I’m enjoying it."
– Ross Pearson, Mixed Martial Artist
Let me share some examples.  One of my friends enjoys organizing events, speaking at conferences and networking with delegates – he is an entrepreneur.  A colleague of mine who is a hard core techie enjoys troubleshooting, problem solving, and coaching young engineers.  My peer, a senior manager loves customer management and working with his teams. A team of young engineers at my workplace come up with new ideas in every occasion to celebrate festivals at work and motivate their colleagues – they enjoy doing this in addition to many things they love to do at work.
With your family, are you enjoying the ride by doing two or three of your favorite things? Are those things making a positive impact in accomplishing your common goals? Are you able to do that in spite of all the ups and downs you go through in life? Does this experience help you bounce back from your setbacks?  I am sure you have some examples to share.
"Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities."
- Aldous Huxley, English Writer and Philosopher
At work, ‘enjoying the ride’ is not about gossiping, manipulating or playing politics. At home, ‘enjoying the ride’ is not about ‘being a couch potato’, gaming on your mobile or resting and relaxing all the time.  What are your hobbies?  Do your hobbies make you enjoy the ride at home?  Wherever you are, ‘enjoying the ride’ is about doing things that result in good or positive effects – however simple or complex they may be.
Some time ago, I wrote a blog post titled ‘Are you mixing the right flavors?  In my observation, those who enjoy the ride, mix the right flavors. And those who mix the right flavors can enjoy the ride.  If you haven’t read that post, don’t miss it. Read the comments too.
So, are you enjoying the ride?