Sunday, September 1, 2013

You aren't too busy to read or write blog posts when…

1)    You are a curious reader and reading is your habit.  At least couple of times in a week you spend some time – typically, fifteen to thirty minutes, in reading blog posts.

2)      You are selective too. You follow and read selected blogs and you catch up with your backlog of unread posts couple of times a month.

3)      You firmly believe that reading or writing blog posts is an efficient and great source of learning.  Anything else in the world of social networking comes next in your list.

4)      Email and Internet Messenger do not drive you crazy or control your day.  You have the habit of shutting off your email for an hour. This enhances your focus.  More than this you follow several other time management practices. And, in your busy schedule you know how to make room for something you want to do and something that benefits.

5)      You lookout for learning opportunities and you know that reading blog posts, commenting and sharing them consume not more than five to ten minutes of your precious time.

6)      You have experienced the power of taking a 10-minute break to recharge yourself.  Once in a day or two, you spend these short breaks in reading blog posts. It is a refreshing experience.

7)      You are social.  You are aware that collaboration through writing or commenting on blog posts empowers you and it is a great mechanism to validate your thoughts and develop your network.

8)      You are active in your local knowledge community.  You know how reading and commenting on blog posts helps you share your opinion and stay connected with people. Sometime you get new ideas, learn new experiences and share them with your community.

9)      You are an expert or want to become an expert.  It is one of your goals to stay connected with like-minded people across the world.

10)   To you, blogging or commenting on blog posts is one of the primary forms of self-expression. You do it optimally and relish a positive experience.

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