Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life is Beautiful


Life is beautiful when,
You feel your sleep while you are asleep,
You extend those beautiful dreams with an unseen smile,
You sit alone and practice breathing early in the morning,
You go for a long morning walk when most others are sleeping,
You sit and watch the sun rise and later the sun set,
You enjoy when it rains and get wet before opening your umbrella,
You spot rainbow and wonder on your way,
You pause your journey to help someone in need,
You sit under a tree and feel the nature, and
You read a book just enough and move on.

Life is beautiful when,
You smile at your expressions on the pictures of your surprise birthday,
You choose the right friends and the right enemies,
You learn and practice to say ‘No’,
You stop thinking about those who hurt your feelings,
You forgive and forget,
You speak out all the truth to someone you trust and feel very light,
You create something worth remembering,
You love your near and dear, and stay detached,
You are anticipatory enough but not paranoid,and
You see God in others.

Life is beautiful when,
You close your eyes and feel like a dust,
You rest yourself in nothingness,
You pray for a while and go to bed, and
You feel your sleep while you are asleep!

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